We are a high quality, low-cost ear acupuncture service for people affected by stress, anxiety and depression, mental health issues, drug and alcohol dependency, and those living with HIV.

Reduce stress, increase energy
Pathways to Health is a charity that has been running low-cost ear acupuncture clinics in Brighton and Hove since 1997.

Ear acupuncture comes from a system of traditional Chinese medicine. It is extremely effective and can be used alone or alongside other therapeutic interventions.

Individuals find they benefit from regular attendance, and report feeling less stressed and anxious and note improvements in their energy and mood, better sleep patterns and a more positive sense of well-being.

Many people successfully use ear acupuncture to give up or reduce their use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco and to manage the cravings associated with their withdrawal.

Pathways to Health is committed to ensuring that everyone can access our service and so we try to keep our charges to a minimum.

An acupuncture session at the Cornerstone clinic