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How To Help Us

Give As You Live


Pathways to Health is an independent charity
that receives no direct statutory funding. You can help in the following ways.

You can make cash donations in the clinics,
or by cheque to our office located here,
or by bank transfer using the details here.

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You can also help Pathways to Health for free when you shop online using Give As You Live. An amount proportional to what you spend is donated by the store to Pathways to Health at no extra cost to you.

Over 4000 stores belong to this scheme, including Amazon, Tesco, eBay, Expedia, Argos, etc, and they donate up to 6% of the net cost of the goods or services you purchase.

You must first register with Give As You Live and enter Pathways to Health as the charity you want to support. There is information there on how the scheme works, FAQ's, and browser extensions and/or apps you can download and install on laptops and mobiles to make it easy to use.

When you want to buy something online, go to the Give As You Live website and select the store you want to use. You will then be transferred to the store website where you can do your shopping.

Note you must go to, or activate, the Give As You Live website first before you shop, otherwise will not obtain donations.

Once registered, you can get family and friends to support us too. On your account page, use Share and Raise £5 to send a link via email or social media. For everyone following this link and signing up, Pathways to Health gets an additional £5 bonus after they have raised £5 in donations.

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The Give As You Live website also offers you the option to shop in-store and raise money for Pathways to Health.

From the Give As You Live Shop In-Store tab, you can order a card either for an individual store like Asda, Primark, Currys etc, or a Give As You Live card that can be used at any store, both in the store and over the phone or online.

Initially you load the card with an amount of money, and when you shop present or swipe the card for payment. You can add funds to top-up the card via your Give As You Live account.

Each time you shop or top-up, a donation is given to Pathways to Health.

You must first be registered with Give As You Live with Pathways to Health as the charity you want to support.

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EveryClick Search

Finally, you also can help Pathways to Health when you search online. From the Give As You Live Other Products tab, select EveryClick Search and you will be forwarded to the home page of this search engine.

When you search the internet using EveryClick, money will be raised for Pathways to Health.

You must be first registered with Give As You Live and Pathways to Health specified as the charity you want to support.

You can set your browser to display the EveryClick home page automatically when it starts.

Setting your browser home page will vary depending on your browser; for example, you can ask 'How do you set the Home Page on Chrome' for instructions online, and insert as the home page.

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We welcome service users to get involved with our project. Volunteers are offered training and support alongside their clinical work experience and are an integral and valued part of the staff team.

If you would like to volunteer please get in touch with us here.