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How It Works

Acupuncture points in the ear

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Upper lung
Lower lung
Fore brain


Five very fine needles are placed in both ears, each point corresponding to a specific part of the body.

SYMPATHETIC (on the left ear) - Strong pain-killing action. Relieves contractions in intestinal organs, and is useful for treating night sweats.

SHENMEN (on both ears) - This Chinese word means 'gateway to the soul' and concerns our spiritual and emotional areas. It calms the mind, treats insomnia and restlessness and is good for pain control. It helps to harmonise the liver and reduces high blood pressure.

KIDNEY (on both ears) - This is a very important organ in detoxification and is instrumental in treating drug and alcohol withdrawal. It is good for countering low self-esteem, fear and paranoia. The kidney point can also help strengthen the lumbar area of the back and ease back pains.

LIVER (on the right ear) - This point is very useful in treating anger and irritability often experienced when detoxing from drugs, alcohol, nicotine, etc. It is good for treating depression and helps to relieve soreness and pain.

STOMACH (on the left ear) - A very good point for alcohol detoxification and for all stomach and digestive problems, nausea, vomiting, bloating, belching, stomach pain and stomach ulcers. The stomach point helps to send Qi (energy) down, and is therefore a good point to help people feel grounded.

LUNG (upper and lower on both ears) - Helps regulate the body's temperature and assist in breathing difficulties, for example asthma. Helps mentally 'let go' of stress and painful issues from the past. Very helpful for those who wish to give up smoking.

FORE BRAIN (on the right ear) - Reduces high blood pressure, calms the mind and aids relaxation.