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Herbal Tea

Bags of detox tea


Herbal teas are simple, safe, and give warmth and support. They can be used as a tea, in a bath, or as a compress or poultice.

Pathways to Health offers a cup of herbal detox tea to everyone that comes to our clinics. This tea calms the nerves and clears the body of toxins. It contains the following herbs.

  • Camomile  (2oz)  Calms the nerves, reduces nervous tension; poor digestion, gas and stomach cramps, menstrual pain; soothes the eyes and skin; increases urine flow and sweat.
  • Scullcap  (1oz)  Calms the nerves; heart tonic; insomnia; epilepsy; delirium; palsy; PMT; strengthens the brain; breaks addiction.
  • Peppermint  (1oz)  Helpful with the flu-like symptoms of withdrawal; headaches; gas; fevers; indigestion, vomiting; nervous tension; spasms; diarrhoea; stimulates circulation.
  • Catmint  (1oz)  General tonic; calms the nerves; helps with colic; irritation; spasms; menstrual flow; gas; headaches; colds; hysteria; insomnia.
  • Elderflower  (1oz)  Stimulates sweating and relief of colds and fevers; stimulates urine flow; clears the skin.
  • Yarrow  (1oz)  Helpful with flu, fever and colds; eruptive diseases; inflamed mucous membranes; diarrhoea and gas; intestinal tonic; respiratory and kidney haemorrhage; menstrual cramps; hyperacidity.
  • Hops  (¼oz)  Calms the nerves and stimulates the liver; insomnia; tension pain; stimulates bile flow; diuretic; indigestion; antiseptic; ulcers; general tonic; anxiety; restlessness; mucus; colitis. NB Do not exceed this dose as it may cause feelings of depression and vomiting.

To make your own detox tea, mix all these herbs together in the proportions given and shake well. Take 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of boiling water and steep until cool enough to drink. Strain off the liquid and drink three times daily or hourly during acute withdrawal.

The same herbs can be used in a bath or as a compress or a poultice on the liver and/or kidneys for further effect.